westport day school

New Horizons...

Anxiety & depression cheat otherwise bright and motivated students the opportunity to achieve academic excellence. We level the playing field, giving these students access to education of the highest quality. We offer an unparalleled & positive academic environment.

Our small class setting, educational philosophy, and state-of-the-art support from teachers and clinicians create an environment in which students with internalizing difficulties can reach their full potential.

Our Values



To be present means to bring your full self to the present moment, happily and healthfully. Presence requires skillful effort, concentration, and mindfulness. Having the right kind of effort means starting or restarting tasks, even difficult ones. It means persisting and also stopping when appropriate. Concentration requires focus and is important in sustaining and shifting attention. Mindfulness means awareness of the present moment. We are mindful when we are aware of our thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. 

To live an ethical life, one must act in accordance with one’s guiding principles. Ethics requires skillful speech, action, and work. Do no harm to self, or others, is our guiding principle. Beyond this, we seek to speak, act, and work in ways that are helpful to the members of our community. 

Gaining wisdom involves a desire to learn, to grow, and to change. Wisdom requires skillful understanding and intention. Having the right kind of understanding means seeing things as they are rather than as we want them to be. Skillful intention means fostering the sincere intention to live well; in other words, to live with presence, ethical sense, and wisdom.


Our Method

At the core of our school model is a strong, student centered, treatment alliance. This alliance includes teachers, parents, clinicians, and individualized and student driven curriculum. Frequent collaboration of this alliance ensures a strong support team on behalf of the student's emotional and academic learning.


Our Culture

WDS creates a warm, safe, fun, and challenging environment. Through small class sizes, hands on learning, integrating technology within curriculum and providing a truly collaborative environment between the student and our teachers. We pride ourselves in creating an inspiring learning environment. 


Our Students

  • Our students may be a unique and uncommon learner. They may experience anxiety and/or depression, display academic avoidance or school refusal. They may struggle to identify their own strengths and weaknesses; lack self-awareness or be unengaged in their learning process. Our sole purpose is help them want to learn.


Our Parents

  • We believe there's strength in numbers and that parents have much to share and learn from one another. We ask parents to take an integral role in their child's progress. To help promote a positive school culture, inspire the milieu, and work collaboratively to improve social, emotional, and academic outcomes.

Ready for Positive Change?

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